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What is Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, or VPK?

If you live in the Winter Park area and you have a child turning four years old, you may qualify to enroll them in a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program, also known as VPK.

At Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten, we believe that all children should have access to early education. In 2005, the Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program first began in the state of Florida. This free program offers Pre-Kindergarten programs for four-year-olds. Since then, millions of families have the opportunity to give their young child an invaluable foundation for future learning.

Because the program is not based on income, little ones all across the state can learn language and social skills while being prepared for a bright future. As such, VPK allows four-year-olds to begin benefiting from formal learning as soon as possible without any cost!

Make learning fun for your child. By enrolling them in free early education, you are fostering a love of education before they even begin formal learning. If you are searching for a Pre-Kindergarten program in Winter Park, Florida, here is a brief guide to get you started.

What do Children Learn at VPK?

When children join Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, they engage in pre-reading, pre-math, and other hard skills that stick with them so they are more successful in a formal classroom. These developing skills are essential in preparing for a child’s future academic life.

In VPK, four-year-olds are taught various subjects such as the alphabet and learning the sounds of the different letters. They are also taught to count the numbers 1-100 and the basics of math. Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten touches on these subjects and more in the Winter Park area.

Students are also taught invaluable social skills at Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. This includes how to properly behave in a classroom. This means children can interact with both teachers and classmates to learn manners, active listening, and even confidence in social situations. Not only that, they are learning in a safe environment where they can fully express themselves.

You can help ensure that your four-year-old is ready for school by choosing to enroll them in VP. Not just intellectually, but emotionally, physically, and socially. At Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten, our curriculum focuses on hands-on experiences and group activities that are developmentally appropriate for your child. Our educated staff is here to encourage their creativity and independence. You can rest assured that they are in good hands when they are here!

Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten’s VPK Program

These early years are the most formative in a child’s life. Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten cares about the future of your child. This is why we provide a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten classroom with high-quality education programs. We seek to serve culturally diverse families with top quality education in a loving and nurturing environment. Your child will be excited to go to school every day!

Welbourne Avenue Nursery & Kindergarten is fortified with the resources children need to learn and grow. To participate or for more information about a Pre-Kindergarten program in Winter Park, Florida, give us a call at 407-537-0061 today.


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